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    Translation Services:

    We are your one stop shop for all your translation needs. We offer translation services in over 15 Languages. As a translation Services company, Privilege Translation Services focus on delivering high quality, accurate and timely translation. We work with certified translators who are native linguists in order to ensure that you receive the best and the most accurate translation for your document.

    Proof Reading:

    Translation Proof reading is important to ensure that you are delivering the right message. There might be numerous linguistic interpretations for the same word; however it is important to use the right term to convey the right message. Errors, omissions or use of different term can alter the meaning of a sentence in the document. You cannot afford such errors or omissions, especially in legal translation, technical translation or publishing translation. It is always a good idea to have your translated document proofread by a native translator to ensure accuracy.

    It is important that your translated document is error free and delivers the exact message as your source document. We ensure that each document is proof read and edited to ensure consistency and clarity in the document. We also offer proofreading services for documents that have been translated from some other source. You may have translated the document with the help of your friend, an online tool or any other translation agency. We will be more than happy to proof read it for you. Our expert team members proof read your document and ensure that is grammatically accurate, true to the context and has the same style, tone and fluency as the original document.

    Desktop Publishing:

    Desktop publishing plays an important role in translation industry. Desktop publishing helps you to keep the consistency of layout and format throughout the translated documents. If you have a brochure or a manual that needs to be translated then you will need to consider using DTP option because it will ensure that the translated brochure has the same background, layout and format like the original document. This saves you the cost of recreating the entire document. Translated text often expands in size. If you simply paste the translated text in the source format, then you would end up changing the format, spacing and overall look of the documents. If you are translating the document into Arabic languages, then you will need to modify the entire layout as Arabic languages are written from right to left. Similarly Japanese languages are written vertically and hence formatting and line spacing differs.

    We have a pool of certified translators who work with our DTP specialists and designers to ensure that we deliver your project in the format prescribed by you in accurate and time bound manner. Our DTP specialists use highly advanced versions of desktop publishing software like Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, Photoshop, InDesign, and Quark Xpress etc to implement your projects. By employing our desktop publishing services, you are assured of peace of mind and precise delivery of the translated document.

    Web Content Writing:

    Businesses that have international presence understand the importance of connecting to the local audience at a grass-root level. Your website is often the first point of contact for your target audience. Your target audience should be able to relate to your website. It is therefore important that your website is in local language. You can choose to translate your website into the local language or write effective web content while keeping the local culture in mind. It is important that our website should make sense to the target audience. It needs to use phrases and terms of the local market instead of having terms of the native market.

    Our team of expert linguists can help you in writing effective web content for you or your organization. These web content writers are proficient in English and their mother tongue. They are well versed with the culture of the market they cater to. These expert web content writers can deliver your message in clear and concise manner. They can effectively use local terms and local style in their writing to ensure that the web content blends with your target audience. Our web content services can also help you to eliminate any possibilities of abbreviations and contextual errors in the document. Skillful matching of resources helps our writers to cater to diverse industries with ease.

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    Legal Translation Services:

    We are your one stop shop for all your Legal translation needs. As a translation Services company, Privilege Translation Services focus on delivering high quality, accurate and timely translation. We work with certified translators who are native linguists in order to ensure that you receive the best and the most accurate translation for your document.

    Our expert translators are adept at translating complex legal documents for you. We understand the importance of maintaining 100% accuracy and factual contexts when it comes to legal translations. Our certified translators can translate these complex legal documents accurately and in a short span of time. We can also provide certified translations on specific requests.

    Our team can help you in translating legal documents like immigration and naturalization papers, divorce papers, marriage papers, contracts, patents, Adoption papers, Visas, Driving license, Court Documents, recommendation letters, Court pleading translations, Court judgment translation, Court Transcripts, paid announcements, investment reports, code of conduct, dispute resolution, arbitration, anti-corruption policies, Acts of Law, patents and documents related to patent infringement cases etc. We also provide certified translation documents on demand.

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    Financial Translation:

    It is vital that use the right term in right context when it comes to financial translation. We work in harmony with your organization to compile the glossary of financial terms associated with your organization and ensure that these terms are used in your financial translations. At Privilege Translation Services, we ensure that your financial documents are translated aptly by our experienced translators.

    We are experienced in translating Financial News, Economic reports and white papers, Bank Statements, Annual reports and balance sheets, all kinds of forms, Insurance documents, business analysts reports, Company reports and newsletters, Sales brochures, Agreements and MOUs, investment proposals, funds explanatory memorandum, merger and acquisitions related documents, interim and annual reports, corporate re-structuring document, business plans, due diligence reports, auditor’s reports, Corporate Contracts, Corporate news Letters, marketing materials etc.

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    Medical Translation Services:

    We provide the highest quality translations for every type of medical text used throughout the profession.

    As a leader in our field, we fully understand that medical translation is much more than simply translating words from one language to another, and that accuracy and confidentiality is paramount at all times.

    Our insight and expertise enables us to provide superior results by combining our in-depth cultural understanding of the target country with our detailed technical know-how.
    We offer unrivalled outcomes for a wide range of subject matters, including medical equipment literature, pharmaceutical documents and medical reports.

    Why is medical translation important?

    Badly translated healthcare communications can lead to mistakes, legal action and, in some circumstances, can even be fatal.

    Accurate translations are crucial to the medical and healthcare industry. It is essential that information is clear, culturally appropriate and correct to ensure the health and wellbeing of patients at all times.
    The expertise of a proven, experienced medical translation service is essential to ensure translations are cost effective, delivered on time, comply with industry regulations and help professionals communicate in any language.

    Why choose Privilege Translation Services for your medical translation?

    Our experienced team of translators provides the highest quality medical and pharmaceutical translation, localization and editing services for a multitude of medical documents, including:

    • Medical reports
    • Training guides and manuals
    • Medical studies
    • Material and safety data sheets
    • Pharmaceutical reports
    • Triage guides
    • Medical product user guides
    • Psychological reports
    • Instruction manuals
    • Instrumentation guides
    • Diagnostic user manuals
    • Autopsy reports

    We provide a thorough and reliable service that is underpinned by attention to detail, speed and accuracy. In addition, we have the flexibility to deliver projects within agreed time frames.

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    Technical Translation Services :

    Technical Translation:

    We understand the complexity of technical documents and hence have created specialized team of technical translators. These translators are usually post graduates in technical discipline and hence they understand the technical terms and jargons with ease.

    We offer technical translation services for user manuals, Read-me files, user guides, medical catalogues, Technical brochures, catalogues, technical reports, scientific journals, packaging software license and legal disclaimers, tutorials and software programs. We can also help in localizing user assistance and User interface as per your needs. We cater to host of industries for technical translations. Some of these industries are Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals & Bio-chemicals, Consumer Durables, Defense, Electrical engineering, IT & Media, Mechanical engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Structural Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications

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    Software Localization:

    What are software translation services?

    The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) defines localization as "the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets". Translation is thus much more than translating user interfaces from one language to another. It is about adapting all cultural content and technical issues to a specific audience in a given location.

    Translation/Localization means ensuring that your application "speaks" the language of your customers. In a world of globalization, localization can make the difference between success and failure in your target markets. However, as the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, the challenge of adapting software, documentation, online help, Web pages and manuals to conform to the cultural, linguistic and regulatory needs of each customer becomes formidable. Localization has effectively become the cost of doing business in the global market.

    Translation is the process of translating UI (user interfaces) from one language to another and altering it to suit foreign clients and their culture norms. This Process is not just about translating languages, but adapting software from one culture to another.

    Translation makes you ready for the global market. Localization includes the program itself and any online or printed documentation. As the competition among the many software developers increases, companies are increasingly challenged to localize, documents, web pages, and manuals to each customer's different cultural and language needs. In addition, there are increasing regulatory, cultural and compliance pressures that companies need to deal with. Translation can aid in opening new markets and retaining current clients.

    The translation process benefits both developers and customers alike

    In five years, the number of non-English speaking Internet users has gone from less than 10% to nearly 64% of all users. Similarly, software user trends are similar. More and more non-English speaking users are using localized software.

    Localization allows users to interact with applications in their own language and in a setting that is intuitive to them.

    For Example:
    • Messages are in their own language
    • Input fields formatted as is customary in the specific country (names, addresses, dates, and other data)
    • Keyboard character standards when input is required
    • Error messages in the local language ensure quick resolution

    Competition in the software industry is fierce with many quality products vying for the same market. Differentiation today is not about bells and whistles, but about who best meets the needs of the customer. Translation is the key to strategic, competitive advantage.

    Net -Translators related services:

    Localization of software products is a highly complex process. Our localization team has years of successful experience in this field in a wide variety of product platforms and scales.

    We specialize in:
    • Translation of the software user interface (menus, text strings, error messages, dialogue boxes, status messages, etc.)
    • Translation of the software online documentation (online help files, read me files, etc.)
    • Translation of the software technical documentation (quick start guides, user manuals, installation manuals, configuration guides, frequently asked questions, etc.)
    • Translation of the official product website or developer website
    • Translation of the marketing and advertising material (packaging, product labels, brochure or catalogues, online ads or banners, etc.)
    • Translation of the product registration card
    • Translation of the legal and commercial documentation (license agreements, contracts, etc.)
    • Translation of the software training documentation (training videos, multimedia courses, etc.)

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    Urgent Translation Services:

    Urgent translations are those translations which have to be carried out in less than 24 hours, translations which require working on weekends or holidays. Depending on the size of the urgent translation and the degree of urgency, the translation is sometimes cut up (it is divided into several parts and they are sent to several professional translators) and sometimes not. If the translation is divided into various translators, a revision and unification of the text should be performed.

    When urgent translations are made, there is not enough time to execute the quality controls which are executed when no-urgent translations are carried out, so we cannot guarantee the same quality level. However, if the client so requests, after the delivery of the urgent translation, we can complete the proper controls and deliver a final version in accordance with those quality standards.

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    Marketing Translation Services:

    We work with companies of all sizes to ensure their brand packs a punch, regardless of the language it has been written in.

    Here at Privilege Translation Services, our dedicated marketing translation service enables businesses to optimize sales opportunities and ensure their marketing campaigns are engaging, effective and deliver the right results.

    We are passionate about helping companies approach their marketing translation in the same way they would their English sales messages. Our proven skills and expertise enable businesses to secure the same success generated by their original campaigns, right across the board, irrespective of the language.

    Why is marketing translation important?

    Many companies spend hours refining their brand message, only to inadvertently undo their hard work by selecting a translation service that dilutes their messages in other languages.

    It is widely recognized that weak translations can reduce the chance of making a sale. Added to this, are the risks associated with websites, and the added danger that, once translated, they will not rank highly in search results because they have not been properly optimized.

    Why choose Privilege Translation Services for your marketing translation?

    By working with us, you can raise awareness and spread your message even further, safe in the knowledge your messages are being communicated accurately.

    What’s more, we offer a cultural understanding and not just simply a translation service.

    Our team of highly-skilled translators is equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide accurate translations for a wide range of marketing material, including:

    • Brochures
    • Leaflets
    • Website
    • Press releases
    • Search engine keywords
    • E-shots
    • Exhibition material

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    News Translation Services:

    In the 21st century, information has become a tool to improve the quality of life. It is necessary for the services sales and for business success. Today we are looking for news on the different information sites. International news internet space has become so dense that it is used for different purposes.
    Privilege Translation Services offers you our services of translating the fresh news. If your customers are working at Stock exchange and they need to know what the exchange rate, for example, on a Japanese site before European people earn. Or they work as brokers or consultants at stock exchange, and they need to know the latest world news, to predict stock prices. Or maybe, your potential customers use your news column to find arguments for business talks and complete the transaction. For all of these cases, you need a quality translation of the latest news from around the world in the shortest possible time. If you are a website owner, which has a block of news and turns to you all of the above clients, then you understand how important it is to have fresh translated into different languages news from around the world.
    This kind of service, fast and high-quality translation of news, is offered by Privilege Translation Services for any news format.

    Our experts at Privilege Translation Services have a large base of news resources; know how to work with the information. They are aware of all the new features offered by the Internet in general and in particular news site.
    If you are working with the latest news and information, you need only a little – to have a quality accurate translation of news and information from around the world.

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    Literary Translation Services:

    While regular translations come with its own unique set of challenges, Literary Translations are even more complicated. Literary styles are unique, as the literary work bears the distinctive mark of the author and genre of literature to which it belongs. In order to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of a literary work, it is necessary to pay close attention to its intended meaning as well as the nuances. Therefore the term "lost in translation" applies especially to literary documents translation. Not only must the proper translation convey the core meaning of the content, it must also preserve the aesthetic aspects of the document and the writer's signature style.

    At Privilege Translation Services, we are aware that literary translations are especially challenging. In addition to being expert linguists, our translators are literature graduates and are well-versed in world literature. They are aware of the differences between the cultural background of a literary work and the culture of the target audience for whom it is being translated.

    What do we translate?

    Privilege Translation Services strives to provide specialized literary translation for a wide range of documents and resources, which include but are not limited to:

    • Books & Magazines
    • Essays
    • Biography
    • Novels
    • Screenplays
    • Newspaper Features
    • Brochures & Catalogs
    • Ads & Promotional Communications
    • Newsletters

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  • picture Automotive Translation

    • Catalogs
    • Training & user manuals
    • Service manuals
    • Diagnosis manuals
    • Technical bulletins
    • Warranty books
    • CD-ROM's
    • Electronic database files
    • Marketing brochures
    • Corporate websites

    If you require quality automotive translation all you need is a qualified automotive translator. At Privilege Translation Services we provide complete multilingual communication services to the automotive industry all over the world. The recruitment process includes testing of translators who are specialized in translation of technical matters related to the automobile industry. Continuous quality reviews, vocational training and improvement help us to identify problems or possible complications before it's too late. We ensure that you will receive accurate translations certified for safety and reliability in compliance with our translation standards. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Skilled Automotive Experts

    We recruit only suitably qualified translators and linguists to undertake your projects. Our carefully chosen translators ensure that the output is proficient. We can offer a strong in-house team who work on on-going projects focused especially on the automotive industry.

    Automotive Terminologies and Glossaries

    Privilege Translation Services also internally manages an automotive translation memory and glossaries which assist the translator, ensure consistency and reduce costs. Cooperation with your distributors/partners to ensure correct terminology is a matter of course, so the content is kept in your best interest.

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  • picture Human Resources Translation

    Communicate Clearly & Precisely with Your Multinational Workforce Using HR Translation Services

    Keeping employees informed through clear, precise communication is vital to every organization. Language barriers, however, can pose a challenge for companies that operate in multiple countries or that have multinational employees. In either case, human resources translation services from Privilege Translation Services guarantee that both the language and the cultural elements involved in your communication will be accurate and clear.

    Experienced human resource managers understand the critical importance of clear, precise employee communications. When you’re talking about employment policies, procedures and benefits, there’s no room for misinterpretation.

    That’s why so many companies rely on Privilege Translation Services to provide expert human resources translations.

    For years, Privilege Translation Services has provided comprehensive human resource translation services to multinational companies and local companies with multilingual employees. We routinely translate a wide range of documents and other content, including:

    • Human resource forms
    • Employment applications
    • Internal web sites / Intranet
    • Performance appraisal forms
    • Human resource policies
    • Benefit plans and forms
    • Handbooks and manuals
    • Training materials
    • Safety documents
    • Insurance documents
    • Multimedia presentations
    • Employment contracts
    • Training materials
    • Newsletters
    • Employee videos
    • Payroll information
    • E-Training content

    All translations are performed by credentialed subject matter experts and linguists, and managed by a professional project manager to ensure that your materials are accurately translated and delivered on time, every time.

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  • picture Patent Translation

    Patent Translation Services:

    If you are looking to file an international patent you no doubt are aware that you need exact patent translation to ensure your legal rights. Privilege Translation Services has linguists that not only understand your product, but also the target agencies you will be filing with. Correct patent translation is essential to protecting your intellectual property, and Privilege Translation Services is here to help you feel secure in your patent filings.

    Expertise Based Patent Translation

    When you partner with Privilege Translation Services our project management team works directly with you to identify what expertise the linguists assigned to your patent translation project must possess. This is a vital step in filing international patents. Translation of patents must be precise because even one incorrect word can result in litigation and may negate your patent or cost thousands in attorney fees. Privilege Translation Services project managers have considerable experience working with technical translations, so even if you can’t pinpoint the key translation elements of your patent they will, and they will get the correct linguists on the project to protect you and your patent filing.

    Some technical fields that our patent translation linguists are highly skilled in include:

    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Digital Technology
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Environmental Technology
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Medical Devices
    • MEMS
    • Neuroscience
    • Optics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Semiconductors
    • Transportation

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    UN Translation Services:

    The United Nations is an organization which deals with international law, security, social progress, economic development, human rights and - most ambitiously - it strives towards world peace. With 192 member states from all around the world, it is vital that communications between leaders of different countries take place regardless of language barriers. Our experienced and professional Translators can provide you with the translation services you need.

    Areas we cover:
    • Business Meetings
    • Communications
    • UNICEF
    • Humanitarian Work
    • Interviews
    • Legally-related matters
    • Conferences
    • Human Rights
    • World Health Organization

    With over twenty years experience in translation services, Privilege Translation Services Global has established a large and diverse network of translators. This allows us to selectively source highly skilled Translators who may also have a background or qualification in a relevant specialist field. We can therefore provide a tailored service, with accurate and precise Translation services with an understanding of industry-specific terminology, preventing any ambiguities.

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  • picture Typesetting & Typing Services

    Typing Services :

    Privilege Translation Services will type your document, including your corrections if necessary, and produce it as an editable Word file, text file or other word processing format. We can produce a PDF of your document ready for online publication.
    At Privilege Translation Services we take extra care with your project to get it right. We guarantee our work to be accurate and timely.

    Examples of the work we do include:
    • Family history, preserving letters, diaries or journals. By putting these documents in electronic format these can be saved from loss. They can also be distributed to your family as a printed book, documents on CD-ROM or online.
    • Memoirs. We can type up your life story or thoughts, perhaps also published in a bound book. This is a great way to pass on your stories and pictures to your family and friends.
    • Type your novel or manuscript. Whether you're sending your work out for publication or simply want to share it yourself, we can do your typing and leave you more time for writing.
    • Retype PDFs, books or other printed documents. Many clients come to us with a document in PDF format that they need to make some changes to, whether its bylaws that need to be updated, a lease or a previously published book. Privilege Translation Services can retype your PDF, printed book or pages and save you the time. We can make any necessary changes and republish it in PDF for Word format for you.
    • Type your list of recipes, addresses or contacts. We can produce a cookbook, a sortable address list or a mailing list for you. Let us set up the spreadsheet or database so that you can easily manage and add to your information in the future. In a spreadsheet your data can be easily sorted or recalculated.

    Type Setting Service:

    With the help of our expert designers and other supporting staff, we are providing type setting services to our clients. They help us to produce innovative designs of good quality on the documents. Further, we also provide exclusive typesetting services in numerous Indian & foreign languages and in diverse fonts for authors, publishers etc. We utilize our mellow experience and also have a well equipped infrastructure with sophisticated computers and software to provide customized and outstanding typesetting services. Further, we can also easily adapt to whatever format the client's prefer or suggest a book layout and design in accordance to their requirement.

    Our affordable management and state of art facility can save you cost and deliver quality documents in very short time with proven efficiency. We have a team of highly skilled graphic designers and desktop publishers at your service. With their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, our team can help you get the job done right on any typesetting project.

    We have several years experience in typesetting firms. Our experts provide accurate DTP typesetting services, desktop publishing, graphics design & online printing services.

    We utilize advanced technologies to transfer printed and electronic documents formats into digitized forms, which can be used in database and document management systems.

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