Privilege Translation Services provides you top of line translation services in a cost effective budget. We understand the importance of getting your documents translated accurately and hence we employ only native linguists and certified translators. A project manager supervises your assignment and ensures that you are satisfied with our services.

Quality: we believe in delivering high quality services to our clients. In order to ensure that we are able to meet your expectations, all the projects need to meet our internal quality parameters. These parameters focus on factual accuracy, grammar, style accuracy, tone, presentation and use of local terms. Every project needs to be vetted by our advisory panel in order to confirm to industry standards. Once the document is vetted by our advisory panel, it needs to go to the proofing department to eliminate any issues with the writing style. Proofing team adds finishing touches to your documents and then sends the final copy to the project manager who sends it to the client.

Technology: We firmly believe that human touch is essential for a coherent translation. We provide human translation that is vetted through our stringent quality panels to meet your expectations. We follow a blended approach of delivering human translation in sync with technology. Our certified translators employ various technologically advanced tools like Wordfast, SDLX etc to ensure accuracy in their translations.

We use technical dictionaries, translation memory tools and research tools to ensure the accuracy of the translation. CAT tools are utilized to maintain consistency of terms used within the documents. Human touch ensures that your documents are easy to read and they make sense to your audience.

Quality Cycle at Privilege Translation Services

We follow a five step quality cycle at Privilege Translation Services to provide you high quality translations.

  • Identify Translation Issues: Our project managers go through the assigned project document and identify potential translation issues like formats, layouts, special instructions etc are highlighted and worked upon.
  • Build Terminology Base: Once we review the project, we work towards building a common glossary or terminology base for our clients. This ensures that same terms are used across all the projects for the specific client. We can easily use TRADOS, a Translation memory tool to absorb these terminologies and use it in current and future projects.
  • Assign the project to translator: At Privilege Translation Services, our project managers, match the skills of our translators and subject matter experts to ensure that only a native language speaker who has the expertise in the specified domain handles your project. Project and terminology base is delivered to the translator.
  • Approval From subject Matter Experts: Translated document is sent to our board of subject matter experts who ensure that the translated text conforms to the contextual meaning of the original text.
  • Quality Control: Our team of quality analysts will review the document for any grammatical or style issues, factual accuracy and tone of the document. They will ensure that the translated text delivers the same message as the source text. Only after the quality team approves the document, the final version is delivered to the client.

Quality Standards

At Privilege Translation Solutions, We firmly believe in delivering the highest quality of translation. Just providing an error free translation is not sufficient in today’s world. It is important that qualitative translation is made available to the consumers at a competitive price in an acceptable time frame. Translated text should serve the intended purpose with ease. Our penchant for delivering qualitative translations has earned us repeat customers.

At Privilege Translation Solutions, we adhere to stringent quality metrics. We follow a comprehensive approach consisting of Quality Assurance and Quality control to deliver consistent performance in our translations.

  • ASTM Standard for Language Translation: As an organization, we adhere to F2575-06 – Standard Guide for Quality assurance in Translation. We work on customer focused translation quality guidelines to ensure conformity of the output. Diligent checks and quality metrics enable us to weed out the errors before delivering the file to the client.
  • SAE J2450: This is a translation quality metric developed by a sub-committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This quality metric enables us to adhere to translation guidelines specific to the Automotive Industry. It allows us to evaluate the translated document as per the quality expected in automotive sector.
  • We also follow the ISO 9000 series of procedures to maintain quality control of all our translation projects. A balanced approach with the above mentioned quality standards enables us to find the golden mean of delivering purposeful, qualitative and customer focused translations.